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Scor-Buddy Eighths Mini Scoring Board 9"x7.5" - Imperial

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The scoring board is designed for card makers on the go. It has grooves every 1/8 inch across the board plus .11 inch grooves for the first and last inch of the board. A fence is on the left side. A Scor-Tool and a faux suede carry tote are included.  Scor Pal-Scor Buddy Mini Scoring Board: Metric. One of the key benefits of Scor-Buddy is the ability to score multiple score lines at the same time, without moving the cardstock. Make intricate cards, grid and reverse grid cards, gate fold cards, accordion folds, brochure/flyer score lines, boxes, origami, iris folding's and more! This package contains one 9-1/4x7-3/8 inch Scor-Buddy mini scoring board with centimeter measurements on both sides (up to 17 centimeters) and markings for scoring specific paper folds, one scoring tool and one storage tote.


Sold Out