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Chameleon Pens Full Set


The 22-Pen Deluxe Set is the feature pack of

the Chameleon Color Tones Product Line,

giving you the full range of markers, plus a 

Detail and Toning pen.  The easy to read

deluxe instructions, with useful hints, tips

and techniques complete the set.   


The clever storage box doubles for a simple horizontal work 

station for easy 

access to

your markers.

The 20 vibrant colors produce over 100 color tones giving you the ability to create stunning effects such as 3D, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and blending, all with one pen. 

Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection.  

One pen blends multiple tones. The Chameleon Color Tones system allow you to do more with less!



• Double-Ended Pen 

• Japanese SuperSoft Brush Nib and Bullet Nib

• Professional Quality Alcohol-Based Ink

• Refillable Inks 

• Replaceable Nibs

• Permanent on Most Surfaces 

• Compatible with all other Alcohol-Based Inks

• Non-Toxic and Low Odor

• Ideal for All Paper Crafts, Manga, Graphic and Fine Art



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